Ep. 7 – NATE JOHNIVAN and COLE HANSEN: Writing Quote-Worthy Lyrics


The Songwriting Podcast is a monthly music podcast where three hosts revel in the technical and creative aspects of the craft of songwriting, with the help of guest songwriters or some other music industry professionals.

Episode 7 features two Songwriting Podcast listeners and senders of the wildly popular, hit song “Hiding in the Basement” — Nate Johnivan and Cole Hansen.

Find their Facebook fan page here: Nate and Cole Find a Radio.

Back in Episode 5, Nate and Cole sent their song into our show to be critiqued by Corey Graham and us. We were so impressed with their taste, style and musicianship, that we had to invite them onto the show as our guests. We’re grateful they accepted before they become ultra-busy, run-away rock stars.

Our topical themes are Writing Quote-Worthy Lyrics and Adding Tasteful Harmonies, among other things. We take an in-depth look at the lyrics of Nate’s song, “Moving Day” — as well as “Hiding in the Basement.” If you listeners will be patient with our rambunctious tangents, I think you’ll find that this is a revealing episode where we have two musicians that share some powerful and personal gems about their songwriting.

And of course, this episode also features specialty segments, such as Send Your Song (where Jason has placed one of his darlings on the chopping block), Don’t Do the Dumb Things That Jason Did and Moving to Nashville, which features “Nashville” Steve Rempis. We also have an announcement about the Craig Can Write segment. Grant Adams was unable to join us this month, so his Grant’s Rants … and Raves! segment is missing, sadly.

Moving to Nashville: This month Nashville Steve Rempis teaches us about the NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International).

Send Your Song: The hosts of The Songwriting Podcast invite budding — as well as seasoned songwriters — to send their songs to us, and we will critique them on the show, giving constructive feedback, which consists of positive and negative points, and is merely based on our opinions. Since Jason took part in critiquing Nate and Cole’s song, he thought turn-about was fair play. So, Jason shares a rough demo of his song, “Wheeling,” to get some help on this work in progress. Feel free to contact us about sending your song at SongwritingPodcast@Gmail.com.

Nate and Cole Find a Radio Soundcloud page:

Your hosts of The Songwriting Podcast are Craig Tovey, Grant Adams and Jason Pyles. The Songwriting Podcast posts new episodes on the first day of every month. To contact us or to send your feedback, you can leave a voice mail at (801) 382-8789, or as noted above, you can e-mail us at SongwritingPodcast@Gmail.com. And you can also find us on Facebook.

We’d like to thank the Dave Eaton Element for the use of its tunes for our theme music, and we’d also like to thank Kara Brewer for her graphic design work.

Most of Episode 7 of The Songwriting Podcast was recorded on February 22, but we had to plug in some post-production segments on February 28 and 29, as well.

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4 Responses to Ep. 7 – NATE JOHNIVAN and COLE HANSEN: Writing Quote-Worthy Lyrics

  1. Ian Simpson says:

    Loved this episode. So many great tips and I love how honest and open you are about each song that is critiqued. Nate and Cole were brilliant guests too.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ian,
    Thanks for your comment and your compliments. That means a lot to us. In my experience, the best way to improve my own songwriting is to learn how to be honest with myself about my work. And the best way to learn how to be honest with myself is finding others who will be blatantly honest with me about what I’ve written. So, I hope our podcast offers honest (but non-judgmental) feedback for our songwriter listeners. But ultimately, it’s merely our opinion and what do we know? Nothing. Even so, Ian, if you’re a songwriter, send us a song. SongwritingPodcast@gmail.com. We’d love to hear it. Thanks for listening!

  3. Rodger Lyall says:

    Just listened to episode 7 and it’s my first visit to the podcast. Thanks for the effort you put in. What I have to say is that it moved me along in my own songwriting development. I liked a lot of what was said in relation to worthy quotes, introducing just enough “vagueness” to the lyrics to encourage personal ownership and a number of other hints, as well. I also liked the critiques – most helpful. Your guests were visionary which is which is, of course, the great thing about songwriters. I’ll be back.

  4. admin says:

    Hi, Rodger. Thank you, sincerely, for your nice comment. I’m so glad you like the show. We sincerely try to produce useful content for the songwriting community. I just happen to think songwriters are the best type of artists, always swooning and brooding. Case in point: Nate Johnivan and Cole Hansen.

    We’ve got another killer episode that will release on May 1 (Episode 9) with “Nashville” Steve Rempis. He’s a songwriter who, at 40 years old, decided to take the leap to Nashville to pursue his songwriting career. His story is truly inspiring, and a must-listen episode. Thanks for checking out our show, and feel free to send us one of your songs. We’d love to review it.

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