The U.P. Music Scene Podcast and Poll Question

Jason Pyles here… I have two items for The Songwriting Podcast listeners:

1. The Songwriting Podcast listeners might remember that Dan Korhonen (of Dan’s Acoustic Garage fame) won our jingle-writing contest at the end of Episode 9. Dan is a prize-winning songwriter and the host of The U.P. Music Scene Podcast.

I recommend listening to Dan’s podcast about the special musical culture found there around the U.P. Music Scene. (Dan has even interviewed the likes of actor-musician Jeff Daniels!)

But my somewhat selfish reason for this blog post is Dan invited me to appear as a guest on his podcast. He asks about some behind-the-scenes info regarding The Songwriting Podcast, but we primarily talk about my journey as a podcast producer and podcast production, in general. So, if you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, then check out the episode here:

Jason appears on The U.P. Music Scene Podcast

A big shout-out to Dan’s cohort, The Fluff Dawg… And here are Dan’s other links:

The U.P. Music Scene on Facebook

Dan’s Acoustic Garage on Bandcamp

The U.P. Music Scene Podcast

2. Listeners, I need your help. Please answer just one poll question for me, and be totally honest:

I’m thinking about creating a digital tutorial product where I (Jason) give instruction, beginning to end, on how to write songs. It would be a professionally produced, audio-visual tutorial that’s accessed online.

Please do me a favor and answer just one question. The votes are anonymous and you could potentially prevent me from making an unwise investment of time and money, if this is something that our listeners aren’t interested in.

Click here to take Jason’s one-question survey.

Thank you!

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