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  1. Tamlyn Corr says:

    Great job on the podcasts. I enjoyed listening even though I’m not a musician or a songwriter in any respect. Thanks!

  2. Chuck K says:

    I stumbled upon this podcast while searching for songwriting podcasts.
    Just want to say that this is a great group of podcasts and contains some great informaiton.
    I just started writing song lyrics for my band and this podcast has had some great informaion.
    Thanks for posting these and taking the time and effort to creat these.

  3. admin says:

    Tamlyn and Chuck:
    Thank you both for your kind comments and for listening to our podcast. Chuck, feel free to e-mail us one of your band’s songs that you’ve written, and we’ll be happy to review it during our Send Your Song segment.
    Thanks again for writing.

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